展覧会『木霊の聲』2021 秋予定 




The Connection Between Life and Nature

Would you like to bring the scenery of nature into your home?

The Ota Urushi Studio creates works of art that reflect the changing seasons and the textures of nature. We are striving to create Urushi works that bring enrichment to the heart, such as familiar objects and vessels for entertaining guests.


Makie(Decoration) Sayuri Oota

 自然への憧れから里山暮らしを始め、夫婦で漆工芸の仕事をしています。 比良山系と琵琶湖の合間で、自然が見せる表情と勝手な妄想からモノ作りをしています。



Our longing for nature has led us to live in Satoyama(countryside) and work as a Urushi artisan. Between the Hira mountain range and Lake Biwa, we make artworks based on the expression of nature and our own personal imagination.

" Even a worm will turn! "

Creating by looking at the little souls 

​塗師 太田 勲

Nushi(Urushi paint) Isao Oota


Transparent Urushi is made by removing as many impurities as possible from the sap that flows from the Urushi tree. The amber color in my works is the color of Urushi itself. I would like you to feel the true face of Urushi through the colorless and transparent glass.


Born in 1977 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated from Chuo University in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in science and engineering, and after working for a company in the development of lighting, entered the Kyoto Institute of Traditional Crafts, majoring in Urushi-Kogei. Graduated in 2007, studied under Kyoto Nushi master Tadahiro Oya, and became independent in 2015. 

蒔絵師 太田 早百合

Makieshi(Decoration) Sayuri Oota


When observing nature, I find many small impressions. I would like to express the stories I get from them through modeling and Maki-e.


Born in Kyoto, Japan. After graduating from Kyoto University of Art and Design with a degree in Japanese painting, and worked as a maki-e artist at my family's business, Uesugi Manjyu Studio, I became independent in 2013.


​Seasonal Letter

The Signs of Summer

IMG_0944 2.JPG

The rainy season has just begun.